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Monitoring your Stock and Revenue. And making your Business Stand Out to those who need what you Sell.

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About VehShop

Increasing Business Opportunities for me as Retailer/Supplier. And Knowing the Closest Shop to Best buy what I need as Person.

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"And your Support will help the Engineers better develop the product."

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As a Business

Automate Management Tasks

Automate routine management operations of your inventory for accurate results. And get automatically notified when Required/Unrequired situations arrive.

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As a Person

Know the Closest Shop to Best Buy what you Need.

From Wherever you are and at whatever time, you just need to type what you want to buy. You see the closest shops having in stock and the power to make the best choice.

Locate your Item

Built to Serve Any Size from Anywhere

Real Time Monitoring

From wherever you are, you get Real-Time information as your Stock and Revenue flows.

Easy Setup

It's pretty straight forward. Just download, install and start growing.

Cloud Management & Storage

Securely perform operations from anywhere and have your data in sync with your shop.

Inventory Notifications

Get Notified as you reach Re-order Points and Expiry Dates of your Inventory

Fully Responsive

Work from Anywhere even with your phone

Multi Businesses in One Account

Control your several businesses from one Epicentre.

Key Benefits to your Business

Aour Approach of Design is Prety Simple and Clear

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Easy Notifications

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Fully Responsive

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Editable Layout

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VehShop setup for Windows Computers can currently be downloaded on this site. The Lite Mobile version is downloadable by visiting this site with a Mobile device.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does VehShop require Internet?

VehShop does not require Internet for operations within your shop. You mainly need Internet to Monitor and Control from a distance and also receive payments Electronically.

How much does VehShop cost?

VehShop is free to download and install in your shop and start managing your business. Always feel free o support the work of the Engineers that put it together.

Can I integrate with my current system?

No. VehShop cannot be integrated with any other POS system. You take responsibility for any inconsistency in your business for using several systems.

I have several POS in my shop.

VehShop takes into consideration having multiple points of sale to concurrently serve multiple customers in the same shop. All you have to do is make this choice during your initial setup after installation.

I have several shops. How do work with VehShop?

In your cloud account, you can create multiple shops and obtain an Installation ID for each, which you can use to install VehShop in each shop location, and then connect the local shops to your cloud account and then manage all from the single epicentre.

Can I receive Payments Electronically?

Yes, for now, VehShop local version that runs in your shop can only receive payments via Mobile Money. Orders that are made online can be paid via credit card or Mobile Money.